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Dont worry about anything – as a tourist friendly country, travelling to Croatia is definition of not having hassle.

Citizens of the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Ireland, Singapore and the UK do not need a visa for stays of up to 90 days. South Africans must apply for a 90-day visa in Pretoria. Contact any Croatian embassy, consulate or travel agency abroad for information. Your passport must be valid for at least another three months after the planned departure from Croatia, as well as issued within the previous ten years. (Note that you’re only allowed to stay in Croatia for a total of 90 days in a 180-day period, so leaving the country just to get a stamp and return isn’t a legal option.)

Citizens of the EU countries and the UK can enter Croatia with only their ID card.

Good manners







Generally not required for stays of up to 90 days


Tap water is potable in all parts of Croatia.

Weights and measures

Croatia uses the metric system.


Opening ceremony

The EUG 2016 Opening Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 and will commence at 21.00 with a live TV broadcast by the national TV broadcaster (HRT), with an expected duration of 120 minutes.

Opening ceremony details >

EUG 2016 Award ceremony

All EUG 2016 Award Ceremonies in Zagreb and Rijeka will take place at the venues of final competitions, mostly, immediately when finals are completed and official results are declared – approximately 15 minutes after the finals.

Award ceremony details >

Closing ceremony

The EUG 2016 Closing Ceremony will take place on Monday, July 25, 2016 and will commence at 21.00 with a live TV broadcast by the national TV broadcaster (HRT), with an expected duration of its official program for about 60 minutes.

Closing ceremony details >


The official EUG2016 general handbook is out! If you hadn’t had the chance to get an official copy, don’t worry, you can download one here. It’s packed with all the useful information to cover your stay in Croatia while the European university games are afoot! So don’t panic – grab your copy and enjoy your stay.

Download the EUG2016 general handbook >


The purpose of accreditation is to define the roles and responsibilities of the participants during the European Games and to provide them with the facilities necessary to successfully perform their duties/carry out their sport, as well as to ensure the general security of the participants moving around the European Games Venues. The Accreditation Card is the official document jointly issued by EUSA and the EUG 2016. The Accreditation Card will be issued once the accreditation procedures have been completed.

Guidelines for accreditations >



Connected with your loved ones

Users with unlocked phones can buy a local SIM card, which are easy to find. Otherwise, you’ll be roaming.

If you have an unlocked 3G phone, you can buy a SIM card for about 20KN to 50KN, which includes 15 to 30 minutes of connection time. You can choose from three network providers: VIP, Hrvatski Telekom, and Tele2.

You can also buy a special prepaid SIM starter pack for tourists; these are available during the high season (June to September) for about 50KN, with data or minutes included.

You can buy a mobile and phonecard package at any telecom shop from about 150KN, which includes connection time. Mobile phone rental is not available in Croatia.

Area codes

  • To call Croatia from abroad, dial your international access code, then 385 (the country code for Croatia), then the area code (without the initial 0) and the local number.
  • To call from region to region within Croatia, start with the area code (with the initial zero); drop it when dialling within the same code.
  • Phone numbers with the prefix 060 can be either free or charged at a premium rate, so watch out for the fine print.
  • Phone numbers that begin with 09 are mobile phone numbers, calls to which are billed at a much higher rate than regular numbers.


  • Most cafes, restaurants and bars across Croatia have free wi-fi; just ask for the password. Zagreb and rijeka have free wifi spots in the center of the town
  • Internet access at cybercafes costs around 30KN per hour. Cybercafes are easy to spot – mostly placed in city center
  • Local tourist offices should have the latest information on local internet access.
  • Hotels and most private guesthouses are almost always equipped with wi-fi.

Important phone numbers

  • Police 192
  • Fire department 193
  • Ambulance 194
  • Roadside vehicle assistance 1987
  • National search and rescue centre 195

Bus schedule


Schedule only for 13.07:

LINE L4 – BASKETBALL (Stjepan Radić – KC Dražen Petrović)

LINE L5 – BASKETBALL (Stjepan Radić – SD Trešnjevka)

LINE L6  – BASKETBALL (Stjepan Radić – SD Trnsko)

LINE L7 – BASKETBALL (Stjepan Radić – SD Peščenica)

Shuttle buses:

Line 1(Stjepan Radić – Zagreb Airport)

Line 2(Stjepan Radić – Zagreb Main Railway Station – Zagreb Main Bus Station)

Line L1 – Basketball (Stjepan Radić – SD Cedevita)

Line L1+ – Basketball (Stjepan Radić – SD Cedevita – SD Kajzerica)

Line L2 – Rowing (Stjepan Radić – ŠRC Jarun)

Line L3 – Rugby 7’s (Stjepan Radić – NK Hrvatski dragovoljac)

Line L4 – Basketball (Stjepan Radić – KC Dražen Petrović)

Line L5 – Basketball (Stjepan Radić – SD Trešnjevka)

Line L6 – Basketball (Stjepan Radić – SD Trnsko)

Line L7 – Basketball (Stjepan Radić – SD Peščenica)

Line L8 – Football (Stjepan Radić – NK Sesvete)

Line L9 – Football (Stjepan Radić – NK HAŠK)

Line L10 – Football (Stjepan Radić – NK Rudeš)

Line L11 – Football (Stjepan Radić – NK Lučko)

Line L12 – Football 7’s (Stjepan Radić – NK Vrapče)

Line L13 – Football 7’s (Stjepan Radić – NK Kustošija)


Line L14 – Football 7’s (Stjepan Radić – NK Trnje)

Line L15 – Football 7’s (Stjepan Radić – ŠC Zagrebello)

Line L16 – Futsal (M) (Stjepan Radić – SD Sutinska vrela)

Line L17 – Futsal (M) (Stjepan Radić – SD Ivan Arapović)

Line L18 – Badminton/Futsal/Table Tennis (Stjepan Radić – SD Dom sportova)

Line L19 – Volleyball (Stjepan Radić – SD Trnsko)

Line L20 – Volleyball (Stjepan Radić – SD XV. gimnazija MIOC)

Line L21 – Volleyball (Stjepan Radić – SŠ Vladimir Prelog)

Line L22 – Beach Volleyball (Stjepan Radić – ŠRC Jarun)

Line L23 – Golf (Stjepan Radić – Golf & Country club)

Line L24 – Sport Climbing (Stjepan Radić – Fothia 1)

Line L25 – Sport Climbing (Stjepan Radić – Fothia 2)

Line L26 – Football Training (Stjepan Radić – NK Jarun)

Line L27 – Football Training (Stjepan Radić – NK Špansko)

Line L28 – Football Training (Stjepan Radić – NK Trešnjevka)

Line L29 – Football 7’s Training (Stjepan Radić – NK Buzin)

Line L30 – Football 7’s Training (Stjepan Radić – NK Ponikve)

Line L31 – Futsal (M & W) (Stjepan Radić – SD Martinovka)

Line L32 – Futsal (M & W) (Stjepan Radić – SD Peščenica)

Line L33 – Stjepan Radić – Panorama – Westin

Line L35 – Futsal (M&W) (Stjepan Radić – SD I. gimnazija)

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