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A sport which is expanding in Croatia

Most Croats play badminton as a recreational and school sport. However, its popularity started to expand in the last few years. Croatian Badminton Association showed experience in organizing international competitions. Therefore, in cooperation with the Organizing Committee, it will indubitably ensure the highest quality at EUG 2016.

Team tournaments:

  • one (1) mixed team’s tournament, 22 Universities applied.

Each match in team’s tournament consist of: one (1) women’s singles match, one (1) women’s doubles match, one (1) men’s singles match, one (1) men’s doubles match, one (1) mixed doubles match.

Individual tournaments:

  • one (1) men’s single tournament (MS),
  • one (1) women’s single tournament (WS),
  • one (1) men’s double tournament (MD),
  • one (1) women’s double tournament (WD),
  • one (1) mixed double tournament (XD),

Individual tournaments are compulsory for participating teams. Entries to these tournaments only are not allowed.

The competition consist of six (6) days including one (1) day of rest after the team competition. The General Technical Meeting (GTM), where the presence of each Head of the Delegation is obligatory, will be held one (1) day prior to the start of the competition in the afternoon hours.

EUG 2016_Technical regulations_Badminton

List of participants

Technical Handbook


Badminton Draw

Tuesday (19-7-2016) Matches

Individual Tournament Matches 

Individual Tournament


Team Tournament – Final Phase Session 5 21.7.2016

Team Tournament – Final Phase Session 6 21.7.2016

Team Tournament – Final Phase Session 7 21.7.2016

Team Tournament – Final Positions





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