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Water Polo

This sport is played at many beaches around Rijeka

Participation at international competitions and championships, successful national team players and the long tradition of water polo in our region are reasons why this sport is so popular in Rijeka. During the summer, water polo is played at various tournaments and independent games. The organisation of international games contributes to the further development of water polo, as well as the fact that the Rijeka water polo club Primorje regularly competes in the finals of the biggest competition – Final Four.

Team Tournaments:

  • one (1) men’s tournament, twelf (12) Universities applied,
  • one (1) women’s tournament, four  (4) Universities applied.

The competition consists of five (5) days. The General Technical Meeting (GTM), where the presence of each Head of the Delegation is obligatory, will be held one day prior to the start of the competition in the afternoon hours.

  • Dimension of the Swimming pool 25×20 m
  • Match duration: 4×5 min

EUG 2016_Technical regulations_Water Polo

List of participants

General Technical Meeting

Technical Handbook



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