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Let's show them what we can do together!

Join the winning team and volunteer for EUG2016!

Are you ready to join 2,000 volunteers on a mission to keep EUG 2016 friendly, positive & well going?

During the European Universities Games Zagreb – Rijeka 2016, between 1,500 and 2,000 volunteers will have a unique experience by taking part in this great cultural and multi-sports event. Volunteers will be the backbone of the organization, thus the success of EUG 2016 depends largely on the motivation and skills of our volunteers.

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+ Register online

Please, fill out online application form. After filling in and submitting this form, we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

We have recieved a lot of applications from international volunteer candidates and for now all of them are on the waiting list because we don’t have free positions for international  volunteers.
But, you can still apply and we will let you know as soon as possible if something changes.

+ Interviews: from October 2015 until May 2016

The interview is an essential step in the volunteer selection process and provides an opportunity for both the organization and volunteer to learn more about one another.

+ General trainings: from March until May 2016

Training time will enable volunteers to be completely at ease in carrying out their assignment. It will also be the opportunity for them to meet their future team.

+ Specific training / Tests: from May until July 2016

Volunteers will have a chance to participate in test events in order to take assessments. This will be a warm-up for the Games!

EUG 2016 as an unforgettable experience for volunteers


Participating at an international event (over 5,000 participants from 40 countries) means the opportunity to be in contact with people from all over the world.


Being part of such large scale event is a great way to create friendships with hundreds of young people.


Preparation for the EUG 2016 starts with test events for volunteers in 2015.


Selected volunteers will have opportunity to participate in training courses designed especially for this event.


Volunteer work will be awarded by entering the acquired competencies in the diploma supplement.

What do we expect from you as a volunteer?

We are expecting you to be available in July 2016.

Volunteers should have a command of the English or Croatian language.

Volunteers (from Croatia) should be at least 15 years old at the beginning of volunteering. You will need parents’ consent if you are older than 15 years and younger than 18 years in July 2016. International volunteers should be at least 18 years old in July 2016.

We are expecting you to sign the Contract of volunteering.

What do we offer for you as a volunteer?

We will provide you food and drinks during your shifts.

You will get accreditation for the whole competition.

You will get volunteer uniform.

You will get certificate of participation in which we will specify the number of volunteer hours and the level of volunteer position.

Basic info about volunteer program

During the EUG 2016, volunteer offices will be established in Zagreb and Rijeka, and managed by the coordinator who will be supported by the coordinator assistants allocated in the following field of volunteering:

+ Attaché

You will be the first point of contact and a guide for a delegation. You will be the link between the university team and the organization. You will be able to answer all sorts of questions and can lend a helping hand in a wide variety of tasks.

+ Accreditation team

You will help in making accreditation and issuing them to the various groups: officials, athletes and other volunteers.

+ Protocol team

As a Protocol volunteer you will help with everything that needs to be done before and during the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and the medal ceremonies. You will be representative and service oriented.

+ Academic activities team

As a volunteer in Academic activities you will be responsible for the entire academic programming (Rectors’ conference) of the EUG2016 before and during the event. Within this team, the different functions are divided into events, which are concerned with the content, logistics, decoration and operation.

+ Cultural and social activities team

As a volunteer in cultural and social activities team you will be responsible for the entire cultural and social programming of the EUG 2016 before and during the event. Within this team, the different functions are divided into events, which are concerned with the content, logistics, decoration and operation.

+ Media, marketing and photo team

In this team you will be responsible for writing and/or collecting interesting content regarding the event; writing daily bulletins; keeping the online channels up to date, such as the website, an app, social media, etc.

If you are a good photographer, this is the right team for you.

+ Finances and administration team

As a volunteer in this team you will be a great support in the organization in administrative work, you will answer phone calls and e-mails, support other departments and you will have the chance to learn about organization.

+ Sports officers

As a sports officer you assist at one or more sports to run the tournament smoothly. You will be responsible for welcoming the teams in sports halls, supplying them with water, and be in charge for keeping sport balls.

+ Transportation team

The transportation team is responsible for the transportation of all target groups, like participants, officials, EUSA members, VIPs and referees, before, during and after the event. So don’t forget, for this team it is important that you have driving license. Managing the transport desk is also part is this position.

+ Medical aid and anti-doping team

If you are at least a third-year medical student (or similar) this is the team for you. You will support doctors in sports halls and you will provide medical aid according to your level of education. If you will be in anti-doping part of the team then you will be responsible to ensure that the doping tests of athletes are carried out smoothly.

+ Security team

The security team is responsible for the safety and security of the various venues before, during and after the event. These venues include the campus, sports venues, the dormitories and various events, including the Opening and Closing ceremony.

+ Volunteer's office

You will help with all the matters regarding to volunteer management. You will be responsible for volunteers’ information desk, support other volunteers and give assistance in welcoming the university teams. You may also help the back office with administrative tasks.

+ Accommodation and catering

During the event you will be responsible for the logistics around accommodation and catering, including checking of accreditations, appointing rooms and the issuance of keys. You will be responsible for making the guests feel like home and make sure they can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in a pleasant environment.

+ Evaluation

During the event you will be responsible for collecting surveys and questionnaires regarding to the organization of the sport and side events.

+ IT

You will be responsible for installing and managing the IT facilities at the various locations and providing IT support (in case of problems). The IT team provides help for the organization, participants and visitors in case of questions about the usage of (technical)/IT equipment, Internet access etc.

+ Info point

You will be responsible for welcoming teams, officials and guests. You have to be committed to providing information on any questions.

+ Logistics team

Would you like to find out how to turn a competition from a mere idea into reality? How to turn an empty room into a place of pomp and ceremony, where medals are awarded in triumph? Become part of the logistics team and aid us in bringing medals, cups, flags and other needed materiel during the Games.


“Students for students”

We do believe that students will be motivated to take part in Volunteer program of EUG 2016, especially those who study to become interpreters, tourism development experts and other International experts. The process of volunteering provides great opportunity to develop communicational and organizational skills.

The moto of volunteer program is „Students for students” because the Games will heavily rely on interaction between students from different European universities.
During 2015, our volunteer program will be presented to the university and high school students – youth segment that will be at the Universities in 2016.

General volunteer requirements:


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