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Dietary Requirements Zagreb

EUG 2016 – Dietary Requirements Zagreb

Kosher list (pdf)

Zagreb restaurants:

  • HALAL certified restaurants are the following – with the catering service, presumably, being one that is available for food delivery.
  • Kosher certified restaurants are located exclusively in the following hotels:
    • hotel Regent Esplanade, Zagreb
      hotel HOLIDAY, Zagreb
      hotel INTERNATIONAL, Zagreb
      hotel THE WESTIN, Zagreb
      hotel Sheraton Zagreb
  • Coeliac disease – we are afraid we cannot guarantee appropriate dietary provisions for coeliac disease sufferers. While certain foods available in the Restaurants in the Athletes’ Village will be made without grains or gluten-bearing components, we cannot guarantee that no contamination can occur. The sole restaurant certified to be capable of ensuring zero contamination is Hotel ˝Dubrovnik˝ d.d.  p.p. 246; 10001 Zagreb, Gajeva 1; (at the main square) ++00385 1 4817 498  fax ++00385 1 4818 482 ms. Marija Arapović f/b Direktor

With regards to gluten-free food, in addition to the answer outlined above with regards to Coeliac disease, certain products bearing the European designation ‘gluten free’ are available in certain store chains keeping healthy foods. Most of these, such as ‘Bio Bio’ can be found in the city centre.

In explanation – there is a certification process for special cases of gluten-free diet (proscribed in Croatian law). The legal framework provides for special procedures to prevent contamination of gluten-free food with gluten from other sources in the process of making it. Only the restaurant listed in the section on Coeliac disease fulfils the criteria set out in the cities where the Games are to be held. Participants who are obliged to eat gluten-free food for health reasons should avoid the Students’ Centre restaurants at all costs, as the menus available in the restaurants might not ordinarily have gluten, but the possibility of contamination is a real one. While the level of contamination would be negligible for those that consume gluten-free food as a matter of choice and life-style, meaning that it is ultimately harmless, those that are barred from eating gluten for health reasons are at risk. For those groups at risk, we cannot guarantee that food in the restaurants during the games is safe.

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