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Sport information – Zagreb


Each participating University team must have one representative present at the GTM. Head of Delegation and coach are entitled to represent the University team. The NUSA representative can also represent the University team.

If team or its representative is coming to Croatia on the day of the GTM, in order to catch the GTM, University team representative must be accreditated till the early afternoon hours.

  • GTM will be held in the afternoon hours while the exact time will be given upon arrivals
  • Participants: SCAC representative, Competition Commission members; up to 2 representatives from each participating University team; referees; NUSA representatives (if present); other guests on EUSA/OC invitation
  • Technical handbook with all necessary information per sport will be distributed to all delegations at the GTM
  • Competition time schedule will be confirmed at the GTM

GTM concept:

  1. Introduction
  2. EUSA presentation
  3. EUG OC presentation
  4. Technical part – specific sports information
  5. Draw respecting specific sports rules according to the official ranking


Sport City

DATE (July)

Water polo Rijeka 11th
Handball Rijeka 12th
Basketball 3×3 Rijeka 22nd
Judo Rijeka 22nd
Taekwondo Rijeka 22nd
Para swimming Rijeka 22nd
Swimming Rijeka 22nd
Basketball Zagreb 11th
Rugby 7s Zagreb 11th
Chess Zagreb 11th
Karate Zagreb 11th
Rowing Zagreb 11th
Football Zagreb 12nd
Tennis Zagreb 12nd
Futsal M Zagreb 16th
Futsal W Zagreb 17th
Volleyball Zagreb 17th
Badminton Zagreb 18th
Table Tennis Zagreb 18th
Bridge Zagreb 18th
Golf Zagreb 19th
Beach Volleyball Zagreb 19th
Para table tennis Zagreb 20th
Sport Climbing Zagreb 21st



Organized trainings are possible one (1) day before the competition and during the whole competition. On the last day in team competition only finalist will have possibility to train.

For team sports, training schedule will be set automatically at the GTM.  Changes of training session time – which will be set on GTM, will not be possible. Teams which don’t confirm training time schedule assigned at the GTM, will not have possibility of training. Detailed information will be presented on GTM.

For other sports trainings will be organised as follows:

  • Karate – trainings are available 11th of July, 12-14 will be possible in warm up area
  • Badminton – training is available only on the 18th of July
  • Beach volleyball – training is available on the 19th of July (during the whole competition trainings will be available on warm-up courts)
  • Bridge, Chess – training is not available
  • Sport Climbing – training is available on the 21st of July
  • Golf – training is available only on the 19th of July
  • Rowing – training is available on the 11th of July; 12-13 of July before the races, in the break and after the races; 14th of July only before the races
  • Table and para table tennis – training is not officially organised; possibility of training only in warm up area
  • Tennis – training is available on the 12th of July and it is not officially organized during the competition; possibility of training only in warm up area (2 courts)

Applications for the trainings at the GTM day is possible from July 4, 2016. All reservations can be booked at [email protected]



Sports equipment (all ISF/ESF approved)
Badminton Balls: Victor pro

Courts: Victor pro

Basketball Balls: FIBA approved Gala Chicago size 6 (W) and 7 (M)
Basketball 3×3 Balls: Mikasa BQC1000 size 6
Beach volleyball Balls: Mikasa VLS300
Bridge Jannerstern cards
Chess Digital boards
Football Balls: Nike
Futsal Balls: Nike
Golf As per ISF/ESF regulations
Handball Balls: Ghia IHF approved size 2 (W) and 3 (M)
Judo Judogi approved by EJU/IJF rules

Tatami as per ISF/ESF regulations

Karate Tatami as per ISF/ESF regulations
Rowing Possible boat rent
Rugby 7s Gilbert match ball photon
Sport climbing As per ISF/ESF regulations
Swimming as per ISF/ESF regulations
Para swimming Basic equipment service (Ottobock) free of charge
Table tennis Butterfly balls

Butterfly tables

Para table tennis DHS balls

Joola tables

Basic equipment service (Ottobock) free of charge

Taekwondo Adidas system

Tatami as per ISF/ESF regulations

Tennis Balls: Babolat
Volleyball Balls: Gala Pro-line BV 5591 S
Water polo Balls: Mikasa 6000W FINA size 4 (W) and 5 (M)


  • If you need more information, visit our official web page where the list of all participating universities is published. Our official web page will also be a place where sports results will be successively published.



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