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Additional services in Athletes village

The top contribution of entire European Universities Games Zagreb – Rijeka 2016 is the reconstruction of student accommodation facilities in Zagreb and Rijeka. This will significantly increase student standards in Croatia. Thanks to European Universities Games, Zagreb student dormitories “Stjepan Radic” and “Cvjetno naselje” went through complete reconstruction – brand new furniture, insulation, facades, environment, sports facilities, rooms with refrigerators, etc.

So, apart from sleeping and eating, what else is there to do in the Athletes’ village (famous as ‘Sava’)? Well, here’s a brief rundown of the activities (and services, actually, it’s mostly services – but some of them are quite vital services), available in the village for the duration of EUG 2016.

Info Point

The basic idea behind the Info Point is that, if you have any questions or uncertainties, you come there and get the appropriate information. It’s really not a very complicated concept. Anyway, there will be one central Info Point in the Athletes’ Village. It’s going to be in the room to the right in the picture below.

It’s in the central island (the big building in the middle of the village, on the opposite side from the entrance you’ll be using to enter the village for the first time), right next to the entrance into Restaurant 1. It’s also going to be market as such. Please disregard the Reception sign in the image above – that is the regular purpose of the room … it won’t be serving as such during the Games.

The Info Point is also where you can order lunch packages. A volunteer in charge of lunch package ordering will be stationed there between 9:00 and 17:00 every day. You can request lunch packages, but you’ll need to know the exact number, the location … well, and your University’s name (and, should your University have more than one team in the sport, which particular team will be getting the packages).

Now, there’s one thing to remember, we only accept orders for the next day. So, if you make a request on the day you require a lunch package … we can’t get that done, it’s going to be ignored. Due to health, safety and hygienic concerns (as well as the fact that it will be rather warm, which means that longer exposure could turn the food into something of a health hazard) – and the fact that our cooks need to ensure food for several thousand people is ready on time, we won’t be taking orders after 17.00 hours.

Another service, except these two on Info point is reservation of your travel to Rijeka. You’ll need to submit request 48 hours before. Hope that you understand reasons for this demandsJ

All protests (we know you will not have many) can be made only in Resolution office, which is located in Faculty of Kinesionology, on right entrance.

Laundry service

Located on the ground floor of Pavilion 12 (to your left as you enter the village, just before the Reception area) – in the picture below, it’s the third door on the left side, occupying the space between the copy shop (which won’t be working during the Games), Tourist agency (which will be working) and Hair salon (which will be working). The reception is further back – in case you really need to ask, you can ask the people stationed there.

The laundry will be working 0-24 for your convenience. You can deliver clothes for washing at any time. The service is, however, charged – 50 Croatian kuna per wash (detergent and drying included). That’s per wash, by the way, not per, say, shirt of pair of pants. So the price drops considerably if you get together with your team-mates to use the laundry.

The process is fairly simple. You come in, deliver the clothes you want washed as a group, take a receipt, then you pick it up with that same receipt after an appropriate time (typically, this does take some time, so you’ll need to stop by when the staff from the Laundry tell you so. We hope you’ve noted that you pick your clothes up with a receipt – without it, well, we can’t return your stuff to you.


The gym is located in Pavilion 11, on the north side of the building – you can access it through the main entrance into the Pavilion. The gym is free for use by all participants, both athletes and officials. It will work between 06:00 and 24:00. That means it’s closed after midnight, but I’m sure you can manage to get your workout routine done in the time it is working.

That’s about it for the gym, really. But this location conveniently brings us to the next topic.

Massage room

Located right next to the gym, the otherwise empty room can be used as a massage room by teams with their own physiotherapist and massage bed (we will provide 3 extra beds). Usage of the room is on a principle of first-come, first-served, we won’t be controlling who uses it and when.

Sports field

But that’s a futsal field, you might say, upon seeing the picture. Yes, that would indeed be a futsal field and not a more general sports field. Well, at least, that is what it is currently. It’s actually adjustable and it can be a basketball field and volleyball field. Depending on the teams present in a specific period, it could very well be adjusted.

The field should be pretty hard to miss, it’s not exactly small (also, the floor is a rather fetching shade of bright red), but just to make sure – it’s a ways in front of the Info Point and Restaurant 1. From the restaurant or Info Point, look towards the end of the village opposite the one you entered through on arrival. Shouldn’t be hard to spot.

There’s no rules to using the field. No schedules, no lists, just free access. Have a go at it at will. Organize an impromptu international championship, if you want to.

Team meeting rooms

A bit of a boring subject, but what kind of a world would we be in without meetings? So, meeting rooms. Yes, there are meeting rooms and they’ll be marked. And they’ll be in each Pavilion (really, they’re just repurposed classrooms). The rooms won’t be locked and we won’t control who’s using them or when. So, in short, the meeting rooms are available on a basis of first-come, first-serve. Though do remember that there are other teams, so try to be reasonable about using the meeting rooms.

Additional restaurant, grocery store and news-stand

These facilities have existed in the Athletes’ village long before EUG 2016 and they’ll endure long after we’re done with the place. They’re operated by the Students’ Centre and that means that all services provided by those facilities are charged accordingly.

Remember that picture of the Info Point location way back at the start? That’s the area all of these are located in. The additional restaurant is to the left in the picture, while the news-stand and grocery store are in the passage … also to the left, between Restaurant 1 and the additional restaurant.

The grocery store sells the usual assortment of goods. Feel free to browse. In case you need something extra (or you forgot to take something with you) or in case you run out of something you’d brought, you can get it here.  The store typically works from 07:00 – 21:00, with shorter working hours on Sundays. We’ll try to get that somewhat extended during the Games, but we’ve made a policy of not making promises we can’t keep – so, you get the latest information.

The third restaurant is one where you can buy meals – largely grilled stuff, pizzas and the usual. Unlike the primary restaurants, you can use this one without limitation (except your own willingness to spend money, of course – unlike the main Restaurants, which are limited to three meals per day, but those are free). It’s located centrally in the village, with the rather obvious sign, which we believe to be the universal language, which simply states Pizzeria. It doesn’t work during breakfast hours, but it does work during lunch and dinner time (you can use the restaurant working hours for orientation).

Medical room

The Athletes’ village comes with a fully equipped infirmary. We’ve taken possession of that area for your convenience. The health centre will be operational all hours of the day (0-24), in case of emergency.

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