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Rijeka: Athletes preparing for competitions


News - Rijeka: Athletes preparing for competitions

The sport courts in Rijeka are filled with athletes using the last moments to train before their competitions start. Taekwondo athletes at Mladost Hall were completely dedicated to sparing matches and individual trainings, while the basketball players at Korzo, at the 3×3 basketball court, were working on their tactics for tomorrow’s competition.

Elisabeth Pavel and Dora Denisa Ardelean, students of 1 Decembrie 1918 University Alba Iulia in Romania, pointed out that it was particulary interesting that the court was in the center of the city, so everyone could watch the basketball matches. They are expecting a difficult tournament, and though this is their first time they are competing in 3×3 basketball, they are expecting a good result.

Bar Genossar, a student at the Israel Institute of Technology, thinks that the Games are a good opportunity to spend time with other athletes and find friends outside the pitch. Bar is pleased with Rijeka and what has impressed him the most is the atmosphere in the city, as well as the respect citizens show to athletes, who were training near the Campus. He hopes that they will play well and do well on the tournament, since they have been preparing for this for a long time.

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