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A sport that attracts a large number of children and youth in Rijeka

In recent years, through great effort and quality work, judo has imposed itself as a sport that attracts a large number of children and youth in the Rijeka and beyond. Even though it enjoys less media coverage than some ball sports, judo has begun to produce athletes who have achieved noted results in national and international competitions.

One hundred six (106) Universities applied.

Individual Tournaments:

  • Men categories:

-60 kg, +60 to 66 kg, +66 to 73 kg, +73 to 81 kg, +81 to 90 kg, +90 to 100 kg, +100 kg

  • Women categories:

-48 kg, +48 to 52 kg, +52 to 57 kg, +57 to 63 kg, +63 to 70 kg, +70 to 78 kg, +78 kg

  • one (1) Nage-no-kata tournament
  • one (1) Katame-no-kata tournament

The competition consists of three (3) days. The General Technical Meeting (GTM), where the presence of each Head of the Delegation is obligatory, will be held one (1) day prior to the start of the competition in the afternoon hours.

EUG 2016_Technical regulations_Judo

List of participants


Competition Schedule – JUDO

Schedule JUDO – WOMEN

Schedule JUDO – MEN


Judo Kata Competitors – FINAL


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