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Our vision

Our vision is to organize the Games which will through their significance become a catalyst for sports and social change, and provide strong support to the development of university sports in Europe and Croatia as well as improve the quality of life of Croatian students in general.

Furthermore, by organizing the most successful Games to date, we will revive the vision of the EUG as an inspiration and central point of development of the EUSA. We base this vision on our own experience – the Universiade in ’87 set some new standards in relation to FISU events, and even today it is mentioned as the turning point of World university sports.

Our vision does not end with the organization of the EUG 2016, but rather our long-term objective is to establish one of the most significant social-academic events in Europe.

By setting a realistic financial framework based on sustainability and feasibility, we have the vision, strength, desire, ideas and enthusiasm to make the EUG 2016 one of the turning points in the development of the EUSA and overall European university sports.

European universities games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016
European universities games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016

8 key inovations


Academic Programme

With the academic programme consisting of the Rector’s conference and International conference on university sports, we want to increase the prominence of the EUSA within the academic community and through an exchange of ideas ensure quality solutions for the development of European university sports.



By introducing mandatory doping controls, we will move closer to Olympic and FISU requirements with the intention to keep sport, as the purest human activity, free from the influence of banned substances.


Methodology Standardization

Through standardization of the Games evaluation methodology we want to provide the EUSA with a complete overview of the organisation of the Games, from preparation and implementation, as well as through dual feedback about the success of the Games, through a prism of subjective elements (participants) and objective criteria (ISO).


Para Games

By incorporating sports for the disabled (Para Games) we will ensure activities for the important, and to date, the neglected part of the student population, thus fully integrating it into the EUSA.


Promotional Packages

By offering the possibility of participants’ accommodation during the entire Games at promotional package prices (which include: accommodation, meals and transport) we will improve the quality of experience and popularity of the Games among the students


Development Fund

By introducing the Development fund, through financial aid to NUSA users, we will ensure more integral representation of all EUSA members at the EUG and EUSA events.


Sophisticated Volunteer Programme

Through institutional assessment of volunteer work and through the option of taking an elective class, we will introduce a monitored system of assigning ECTS credits for hours spent volunteering, as well as acquiring competencies within the Diploma Supplement. This way we will pay back some of the warmth, smiles and energy that volunteers so selflessly invest in all of the EUSA events.


Powered by the Games

With the organization of the “Powered by the Games” events, which promote the same values as the EUG 2016, we will improve the reputation of the Games and increase social involvement in the projects which contribute to the development of the community as a whole.

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European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016

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