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Croatia - land of antiquity and thousand islands

Welcome to our lovely Country

Situated in South East Europe, in a region lapped by the waves of the Mediterranean…

Croatia has always been a country of interesting intertwinement of central European and Mediterranean cultural circles. Croatia borders Slovenia and Hungary to the north, Serbia to the east and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the south east. With Italy and Slovenia , Croatia a sea border. Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia, a modern metropolis with a rich history and culture, which has almost a million inhabitants together with its suburban areas to date. Other than Zagreb, the larger cities in Croatia are Split, Rijeka and Osijek, which at the same time also represent the largest economic, sports and cultural centers,which make them the main cities of their regions. Croatia is one of the youngest countries in Europe, which was internationally recognised on January 15th 1992. In its barely twenty years of independence, Croatia has become one of the leaders in the region. Croatia’s continued demonstration of pro-European ambitions have resulted in membership in NATO since 2009, and accession into full membership in the European Union as of 1 July 2013, as its 28th member.

According to UNESCO, Croatia is a country with the greatest number of protected cultural phenomena in Europe. This is thanks to its natural-geographical diversity, as well as its specific historical uniqueness . Croatia’s natural assets  greatly impact the development of tourismsocial and cultural life. Therefore, today, Croatia represents one of the tourist super powers of the Mediterranean which is evident by the continual increase in the number of tourist arrivals. A warm sea, deeply drawn into the European continent, Mediterranean climate, contemporary motorways and a favorable geo-transit position, are only some of the reasons as to why many foreign tourists and world renowned tourism magazine publishers consider Croatia the most desirable tourist destination.

  • European Figure Skating Championships, 2013
  • European Futsal Championship, 2012 (UEFA Futsal EURO 2012)
  • European Water Polo Championship, 2010
  • World Athletics Cup, 2010
  • European Rowing Championship, 2010
  • World Men’s Handball Championship, 2009
  • European Swimming Short Course Championship, 2008
  • World Table Tennis Championship, 2007
  • World Canoe and Flatwater Kayak Championship, 2005
  • World Women’s Handball Championship, 2003
  • European Table Tennis Championship, 2002
  • European Handball Championship, 2000
  • Military World Games, 1999
  • World Bocce Championships, 1994
  • European Taekwondo Championship, 1994
  • European Athletics Championship, 1991

Croatia is a country that loves and understands sport

Croatia, with only 4.5 million inhabitants, achievedits recognition in the world through major sporting accomplishments of top athletes – famous Davor Šuker (football), Dražen Petrović (basketball), Goran Ivanišević (tennis), Janica and Ivica Kostelić (skiing), Blanka Vlašić (athletics) and many others.

The sport events that Croatia hosts are always organized with great care, attention and the highest levels of professionalism as this nation, small by number, is aware that only a great and brave heart can achieve important results.
Croatia has hosted many major European and international sport events in the last 20 years. The Croatian Academic Sports Federation has gained rich experience through organization of sport events mentioned above.

Davor Šuker

Dražen Petrović

Goran Ivanišević

Blanka Vlašić

Janica Kostelić

Ivica Kostelić

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