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European Universities Games are the largest multi-sport competition in Europe, and a media platform that will mark a milestone for further development of Croatian university sports.



Be part of one of the most positive recent stories created in Croatia. Integrate your company with 200,000 young people as part of athletic, educational and entertaining events, social networking sites and a variety of other media on daily bases. Impose your brand to the future successful entrepreneurs, athletes and Croatian citizens in general.


By sponsoring and investing in this kind of project, you will support and invest in the area of social solidarity and responsibility for a better future of the academic and athletic community. Together we will promote common values of sports and education, and we’ll accomplish key objectives of the Games.

WARMup for the Games events:

– More than 100 sport events per year in all parts of Croatia

– International / National and local events – apx 15 000 active participants

  • Regional University basketball and volleyball league
  • International torunaments
  • European and World Universities Championships and Cups



Krunoslava Kauzlarić


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Sveti Duje Regatta

  • 500 participants from the best European universities.
  • 30 000 spectators on main promenade in the center of the city of Split.
  • The best teams of Oxford and Cambridge, the most exposed teams in the world attend this event for 10 years in a row.

Students sports day

  • Includes 4000 active participants.
  • It is happening at the same time in the city centers of Split, Osijek, Rijeka, Zagreb, Varaždin and Dubrovnik.
  • Exceptionally large number of passive participants – entertainment, concerts, party.

UniSport HR

  • One of the most popular sports organizations in Croatia.
  • 8500 participants annually.
  • It is not just about student sport competitions – it is a student movement for improvement of students’ quality of life.

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