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Croatia has hosted many major European and international sport events in the last 20 years.

The sports programme has a developmental character, whereby we want to strongly contribute to the further development of university sports, and set new standards for all student competitions to be held after the EUG Zagreb – Rijeka 2016.

This refers to the selection and number of sports, the number of participants and the quality of the organisation of individual competitions. Similarly, we want to create new perspectives for student sports, which means the organisation of sports competitions which were not organised as part of the EUSA system to date, and the inclusion of students with disabilities in the system of EUSA events.

The sports program consist of compulsory sports (8), optional sports (11), demonstrative sports (2), and 2 sports for students with disability (Para sports).

A high level of execution would be ensured through cooperation with national sports federations in the preparation and conducting of the competitions and use of sports infrastructure which exceeds the required technical standards.


Compulsory sports (8)

These sports, as mandatory in the EUG programme, are particularly important for the development of European university sports, and are exceptionally popular in Croatia, with a long standing tradition and a series of medals won at the biggest international competitions, are a guarantee of top class organisation.


Optional sports (11)

Eleven optional sports have been included in the EUG 2016 on the basis of the popularity among young people, tradition of individual sports in Croatia, harmonisation with long-term plans for the development of these sports in host cities, the quality of available sports facilities necessary to organise these competitions and top class staff (umpires and other sports officials) available. Competition in these sports would ensure their continuation as part of the EUSA, increase prominence of the same and increase interest among the student population for participation in them as part of the EUSA.


Demo sports programme (2)

The purpose of introducing this sports programme is the further development of European university sports and the broadening of the activities of the EUSA.

The great popularity of the offered sports among the student population, the geographical proximity of countries that traditionally play the offered sports and excellent infrastructural conditions for their implementation, as well as the impulse of multiculturalism which they bring with them to the EUG 2016, are a joint plus for the Games in general.


Para sports (2)

Sport, other than its multiple contributions to the development of man as an individual through physical and mental development, its entertainment value, also has a deeply social character. Academic sport is not and must not be an exception, and there is a great need for the integration of a significant part of the student population, which despite obstacles, enjoys sports and contributes to the development of both the sports and academic community.

By conducting competitions in 2 sports which exist within the programme of the Paralympics Games, the EUSA would join contemporary Olympic efforts in ensuring equal conditions and providing equal chances for all individuals who want to be involved in sports, who want to socialise through sports and who, in one word, live for sports. By introducing the offered sports, the efforts of the EUSA for all students to be given the opportunity to feel as if they belong to the academic sports community become an imperative, and in this way justify their status as the umbrella institution of European sports.

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