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Croatian Academic Sport Federation

Sports life organizer for 180K students

Student sport in Croatia

Croatian Academic Sports Federation (CASF) is the umbrella organization of student sport movement in Croatia. The Federation has 19 members and organizes sport and sport related activities for around 180,000 students from all higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia. That makes it one of the largest and fastest growing sports organizations in Croatia.

Every year, CASF and its members organize a series of events and competitions. Around 80 employees are dedicated to the development of student sport in Croatia. These employees are mostly teachers of physical education and professional heads of sport activities at Croatian universities.

Facts & Figures

According to the activities and quality of student sport projects it conducts, the Croatian Academic Sports Federation is among the very best in Europe. This is also supported by the  fact that Croatian students are participating and winning medals in a large number of European universities championships, World universities championships and Summer and Winter Universiades.

Sports events – number of participantsPhysical education – number of participantsTotal number of participants
Croatian Academic Sports Federation9,0009,000
University of Zagreb4,50030,00034,500
University of Rijeka1,5008,0009,500
Other universities4,00020,00024,000

Experience in organizing international sport events

In addition to national sporting events, the Croatian Aca­demic Sports Federation is also very active in the organi­zation of European and World universities championships. Croatian Academic Sports Federation has organized:

  • 1st World University Canoe Sprint Championship, Zagreb 1998
  • 5th World University Rowing Championship, Zagreb, 1998
  • 7th European Universities Volleyball Championship, Rijeka, 2007
  • 4th European Universities Rowing Championship, Zagreb, 2008
  • 1st European Universities Bridge Championship, Opatija, 2009
  • 7th European Universities Futsal Championship, Zagreb, 2010
  • 6th European Universities Handball Championship, Rijeka, 2011
  • 12th European Universities Basketball Championship, Split, 2013
  • 3rd European Universities Bridge Championship, Kraljevica, 2013
  • 7th World University Bridge Championship, Opatija, 2014

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