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With hudge olympic experience, Croatia follows the world standards in taekwondo

It is hard to name a country where you can find the most dedicated, loyal, and skillful practitioners of taekwondo. They are all around the world, but in Croatia as well. Taekwondo has a long tradition of top class athletes (Lucija Zaninovic, Sandra Saric, Martina Zubcic, Natasa Vezmar) who have won Olympic medals.

Individual Tournaments:

Ninty-eight (98) Universities applied.

  • one (1) Kyorugi men’s tournament, in categories:

-54 kg, +54 to 58 kg, +58 to 63 kg, +63 to 68 kg, +68 to 74 kg, +74 to 80 kg, +80 to 87 kg, +87 kg

  • one (1) Kyorugi women’s tournament, in categories:

-46 kg, +46 to 49 kg, +49 to 53 kg, +53 to 57 kg, +57 to 62 kg, +62 to 67 kg, +67 to 73 kg, +73 kg

  • one (1) Recognized Poomsae men’s tournament,
  • one (1) Free-Style Poomsae women’s tournament,
  • one (1) Recognized Poomsae women’s tournament,
  • one (1) Free-Style Poomsae men’s tournament.

The competition consists of three (3) days. The General Technical Meeting (GTM), where the presence of each Head of the Delegation is obligatory, will be held one (1) day prior to the start of the competition in the afternoon hours.

EUG 2016_Technical regulations_Taekwondo

List of participants


Competition Schedule – TAEKWONDO 

Taekwondo Free-Style Poomsae men’s tournamen -Men

Taekwondo Free-Style Poomsae women’s tournament – Women

Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae men’s tournament – Men

Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae women’s tournament – Women


Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae – MEN

Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae – WOMEN

Taekwondo Free-Style Poomsae – MEN

Taekwondo Free-Style Poomsae – WOMEN


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What next

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