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The principal seaport and the third-largest city in Croatia

Rijeka, big historical crossroad location where culture and civilizations collided and intersected.

Due to its positioning, history was not kind to the inhabitants of Rijeka, but nevertheless it taught them much. First and foremost it taught them tolerance and openness, two characteristics that make life more beautiful and pleasant, particularly in the contemporary world which is characterised to a much larger extent by connections rather than divisions.

A city which emerged in Roman times, through numerous transitions, blossomed from the mighty industrial and port centre of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to the present day metropolis of the northern Adriatic is developing into the university and business centre of a strong tourist region, with a recognisable and diverse way of life.

In the past 15 years, the City of Rijeka has experienced a great change in its economic and social structure. During the transition process, Rijeka has transformed from a typical industrial city into a local economy in which the service sector dominates.


Regional Capital

Center of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County


128,735 (2011)

Interesting fact

Bullet in flight photographed for the first time


Dear students – participants in the European University Games in Rijeka

Welcome to Rijeka, which will hold the European University Games together with Zagreb from 12th to 25th July 2016! We are pleased to host more than 1,300 students who will compete in 7 different sports. I am glad that for the first time, two competitions for the students with disabilities are also included in the schedule.


I am glad that for the first time, two competitions for the students with disabilities are also included in the schedule. We are all familiar with the fundamental values represented by university sport.

These are, first of all, knowledge, education, prudence, strength, force and love, and they stand for the synergy of the heart and mind.

I wish you, therefore, that during these two weeks in our city what your HEART BELIEVES, your MIND ACHIEVES, and the great results will not fail.

Rijeka already has extensive organizational experience in major sports competitions, and I believe this was an additional motive for EUSA to give us over with full confidence the organization of this competition. With excellent conditions that you will have in recently built sports facilities such as Swimming Pool Complex Kantrida and Zamet Centre, with a pleasant stay that you will have in newly built accommodation facilities of Rijeka University Campus and with a warm welcome and support of the citizens of Rijeka, I am convinced this competition will be a nice and dear memory of yours! I wish you fair play, lots of sport luck and success!

Simplicity and hospitality

Situated in the middle of a large marine bay, surrounded by islands and mountain tops, Rijeka truly has the best of the continent and the Mediterranean Sea. There are few Mediterranean cities which have their own ski resorts, as well as there are a few central European cities that have their own Riviera and islands. Numerous tourists certainly know how to enjoy this. Those used to peaceful towns, with wide streets and a lot of empty space will re-examine their definition of a town in Rijeka, but will also be faced with much newly discovered charm. The city with its street life, relaxed manner and numerous events provides much for its inhabitants and numerous guests. The name “Rijeka” in Croatian means “flowing water” as much as it is ordinary and simple, it perfectly describes the spirit of the city, its flexibility and diversity. The city of Rijeka accepts and welcomes with ease. Hospitality, departures, arrivals and constant changes are the historical code of this city.The liveliness of the European Universities Games would perfectly and with ease fit in and enrich the everyday Rijeka rhythm.


First torpedo was
invented in Rijeka

The famous history of torpedoes in Rijeka started on the 21st of December 1866 with the launching of a torpedo in front of the first torpedo factory in the world – the Stabilimento tecnico Fiumano in the Kantrida area. One century later, more precisely in 1965, the production of the last torpedo in Rijeka marked the end of this part of Rijeka’s industrial history.

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