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Everybody wants a Hrki


News - Everybody wants a Hrki

We found Martina Rezo, attaché of the female football team from the University of Valencia, near the merchandise stand in the Athletes’ Village. She was just buying a Hrki.

‘I wanted a souvenir from these Games, and I think that Hrki will last the longest. A shirt or a cap would wear out, but this cute hamster will stay in good shape, and I will keep him in a visible place in my apartment. I have little nieces, so it will make them happy too.’

A football team of plush Hrkis is soon heading for Valencia.

‘When they were still here in Zagreb, the girls kept asking me where and when they could buy a Hrki. Since it was not on sale yet, they left me money to buy Hrkis for them. They will all get one from the physiotherapist of their University, who stays here till the end of the Games.’

Sellers Valentina and Ivana told us they sell approximately fifty Hrkis a day. Athletes mostly buy sportswear, while volunteers prefer Startas shoes featuring the logo of the Games. Everyone in the Athletes’ Village can now complement their outfits with yellow, blue and green bracelets with the figure of the popular hamster.

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