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Schedule of sports competitions

The sports competitions at the European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016 will take place at 34 facilities. There are 10 extra facilities for training purposes.

Teams will be arriving from July 10, while the competitions will begin on July 12. The opening ceremony of the EUG 2016 will be held at SRC Mladost Stadium in Zagreb on July 13, while the closing ceremony will be held at the Korzo in Rijeka.

Below is the general calendar of sports events at the Games, the schedule of all sports events in Zagreb and Rijeka and the table with the dates of all finals. The table containing the addresses of all sports venues in Zagreb and Rijeka is included as well

ZAGREB – Timetable of all sports

RIJEKA – Timetable of all sports

General calendar of sports events at the EUG 2016

General calendar


11.07.2016., Zagreb - Postavljanjem plamenika kojim se osvijetlio Trg Drazena Petrovca najavljuje se pocetak Europskih sveucilisnih igra Zagreb-Rijeka 2016. Photo: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL

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