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Pawel Cias: The atmosphere in Zagreb is beautiful; I hope we will win the tournament


News - Pawel Cias: The atmosphere in Zagreb is beautiful; I hope we will win the tournament

Among the teams who will fight for the tennis title at the Mladost Tennis Centre, Warsaw Kozminski University can rely on its strong trump card.

The European Universities Games are the perfect opportunity for a lot of socializing and meeting new people, but in addition to entertainment, all who came to Zagreb and Rijeka want to get as far as possible in their competitions. Among them is the Polish Komzinski University who has very high ambitions – and two powerful ‘weapons’ in this competition.

In search of victories, the Polish team primarily relies on Ciasa Pawel and Maciej Paradise. The younger of the two, 22-year-old Cias, is currently the fifth best ‘racket’ of his country, No. 497 on the ATP list, which makes him one the best ranked players at the Games.

Cias already has a lot of professional experience as he played at various Futures, the third tier of tournaments in the men’s tennis world, below ATP and Challenger levels. That level of competition requires persistence, although the competitions such as the European Universities Games require hard work as well, and are especially motivating for many players.

‘It is not easy because I am not playing for myself but for the University. It is important to us to win the title as we did last year. We won the competition in Poland and we came to Zagreb to do it again,’ said the 22-year-old Pole, remembering last year’s title at the European Universities Championship in Wroclaw.

‘It is nice in Zagreb. Yesterday, it was nice at the opening ceremony; I was in the parade with the team, which was great. Admittedly, it was a bit exhausting because we finished at about 23:00 and I had a match at 9:00,’ continued Cias, saying that he felt relaxed in the Croatian capital.

The atmosphere here is very nice and I hope that we will win this competition – pointed out the important trump card of the Kozminski team, which hasn’t changed much compared to last year’s title at home.

There’s not much downtime in tennis

Summer is usually associated with vacations, but in a tennis career, that break must be incorporated in tournament appearances which are often played during high temperatures. Cias came to Zagreb after a Futures final in the Czech Republic, and right after the Games he will play a few tournaments in Belgrade and then at home, at the Futures in Bydgoszcz and Poznan.

‘I have maybe one week of vacation at this time of year, I play for two weeks, and after that it’s time for a break. After the Futures, I have another week or two of rest, and then I start preparing for the Challengers because I would like to try playing at that level as well,’ the 22-year-old Pole revealed his plans.

Cias experienced playing at a higher ranking tournament last year when he was invited to play at the main event in Szczecin, and now he wants more.

‘The Challengers are so different. When I play the Futures, there aren’t many people and the organization is not at the same level. Everything is different at the Challengers. I would like to play as much as possible at Challengers because such tournaments are a lot more enjoyable and everything is a lot better,’ concluded the trump card of the Polish tennis team.

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