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Para athletes at the European Universities Games for the first time


News - Para athletes at the European Universities Games for the first time

The motto of the European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016 “heart believes, mind achieves” represents the desire, the will, and the hard work of each athlete, but nobody embodies the motto better than the para athletes who have been equally included at the Games in Rijeka and Zagreb for the first time in history of the EUG.

“The organization is superb. Everything has been adapted for people with disabilities; from the accommodations to food, transport, and sports venues,” said Branimir Bagarić, Coordinator for athletes with disabilities and EUG 2016 Executive Committee Member.

Bagarić emphasized that he was pleased with the inclusion of para sports in the European Universities Games and that it is a step in the right direction when it comes to connecting student sports and para sports.

“We want better conditions for para athletes so that they wouldn’t have to give up on their academic or sports goals. We want to include more students with disabilities in all of the upcoming European Universities Games and soon in the World Universities Games,” said Ratko Kovačić, the president of the Croatian Paralympic Committee, who held a Masterclass lecture on sports for people with disabilities in Europe in Croatia at the Games’ Main Operational Centre at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb.

Para athletes will be transported to the competitions in adapted vehicles provided for the Games by the Uriho Company.

The first day of the competition for para table tennis players at the Games is Thursday, 21 July in Zagreb, and the competitions will last up to July 24.

The swimming competition for para athletes will be held in Rijeka and it starts on Saturday, July 23. The last day of the competition is also the last day of the Games – Monday, July 25.

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