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Could there be a new Ronaldo in the team from the University of Minho?


News - Could there be a new Ronaldo in the team from the University of Minho?

The captain of the football team from the University of Minho said that Luka Modrić, a member of the Croatian national football team, and Cristiano Ronaldo are very good friends, and that the best friendships are made in football.

The football team from the University of Minho from Portugal said they were happy that the Portuguese national team had won the European Championship in France.

‘The Croatian national team is very talented. They have a lot of young players who are very good. Portugal has a more complete team and the players are more in tune with each other. I believe that is why Portugal won against Croatia. It could be that the Croatian team is more talented,” said Geovani Alves, member of the team from Minho.

Captain Martins and his teammates Correia and Alves agreed that Croatia has an excellent line up with a lot of football stars.

‘The Croatian national team is an amazing team. Some of their best players are Perišić, Modrić, Ćorluka, and of course Rakitić. It is a team with a lot of football stars.’

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football star, is one of the biggest role models to young football players around the world. So it no wonder that the Real Madrid player has fans in this Portuguese team.

‘Cristiano is a big star in Portugal, and of course all over the world. Some young players want to be like him. It is everyone’s dream from their birth. This team is very good, and I’m sure a new Ronaldo is hiding in our team,’ said Bruno Correia.

‘Luka Modrić and Cristiano are great friends and I think that’s great. The best friendships are those made in football,’ said captain Joao Martins.

The Portuguese expect to pass the group part of the competition and end in one of the first three places.

‘My team is ready for the competition. We have already played one game and won with 2:0. We have been preparing for this for three weeks. We’ll take it step by step, one match at a time. We’ll see what our result will be in this competition. Zagreb is a beautiful city. We hadn’t had enough time to visit the city centre, but the first impressions are great,’ said the Portuguese coach.

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