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European Universities Games: Non-profit project with corporate model


News - European Universities Games: Non-profit project with corporate model

The second part of the European Universities Games Zagreb – Rijeka 2016 has made it evident that this is the most complex competition that has ever taken place in Croatia, and by extension in Europe. There are far more athletes and volunteers involved, the organization is more complex, and the realization takes far more knowledge and skill than ever before.

This is where the Cotrugli Business School comes in to lend a helpful hand to the organizers of the EUG, in form of a “Business Educational Partner” during the preparation and realization of the project.

“This collaboration is a result of CBS and EUG’s shared values – promoting high standards in the education for leading positions, the importance of synergy in sports, high education, and dual careers of student athletes. The Cotrugli Business School is the leading business school in South-Eastern Europe, and they’ve helped the Games by providing professional assistance, continually improved by lifelong learning, as well as actively supporting the planning, preparation, and supervision of certain parts of the project. The competitions we’ve organized so far have varied by their size, approach, and the number of sports… The education we’ve received has taught us how to run a non-profit project using the corporate model,” said Marko Žunić, general secretary. Mr. Žunić, like Mr. Pavletić, vice president of the Games, is a former student of the Cotrugli Business School.

He said that the knowledge and networking he gained while working at the Games were valuable additions to his experience of working for UniSport, a system of student sports. He added that these experiences make the foundation for the organization of a multi-sport event.

Through their centres in Zagreb, Beograd, Ljubljana, Sofia, and Luxembourg, the Cotrugli Business School covers the Croatian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Serbian, and Romanian markets. So far, their internationally accredited MBA programmes have been attended by over 10,000 people.

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