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EUG medals awaiting winners


News - EUG medals awaiting winners

The medals of the European Universities Games are waiting for their winners! More than 2000 medals, about 130 trophies and 120 special awards will be given out at the European Universities Games. The medals and trophies were designed by Jurica Dolić, PhD, who had also created the entire textual and visual identity of the Games, including the logo.

They were manufactured at IKOM – kovanica Ltd., a Zagreb-based company developing the tradition and skills of forging since 1946.


The medals and the trophies feature the logo and the visualization of the slogan of the Games, “heart believes, mind achieves”. The concept of dualism and the synergy of the heart and the mind promote all of the key values of university sports: reason, education, prudence, strength, energy, fighting spirit and love – traits that help young people achieve excellence in both academic and sports life. The idea of dualism is also integrated in the very essence of these Games as there are two host cities, Zagreb and Rijeka.


The EUG 2016 logo embodies the verbal aspect of the identity of the Games by integrating the symbol of the heart (its shape and red color) and the symbol of the mind (the circle and blue color). It also features several other symbols which are of great importance for the candidacy of Zagreb and Rijeka:


Colors – red, white and blue are the colors of the Croatian national symbols. Moreover, red is the color of the city of Rijeka, while white is the color of the city of Zagreb.

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Shapes – the white shapes (inside the blue circle) symbolize the number 16 (the year of the Games – 2016). Furthermore, these shapes resemble the silhouette of Zagi (the famous mascot of the 1987 Universiade which was held in Zagreb), and in combination with the red color of the heart, they represent the flame as the symbol of the sporting spirit and the Olympic spirit.

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