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Winners of the badminton competition announced


News - Winners of the badminton competition announced

The end of the singles and doubles badminton tournaments means that the end of the European Universities Games Zagreb – Rijeka 2016 is also drawing near. The final matches were played by men’s, women’s, and mixed teams, as well as individual players, all of them eager to show what they are capable of doing in order to take gold.

In the men’s singles tournament, Muhammed Ali Kurt beat Emre Lala 2-0 (21-13, 21-10). During his journey to the finals, Muhammed Ali Kurt lost only one set in a quarter-finals match.

Anastasia Chervyakova was declared the winner of the women’s singles tournament after beating Darya Samarchants 3-0 (21-12, 20-22, 21-12). During the tournament, Anastasia proved over and over again to be one of the best players, which is all more evident from fact that she only lost one set in the final match.

Anastasia Dmytryshyn and Yelyzaveta Zharka were the best players of the women’s doubles and in the end, they took gold. They barely secured their 26-24 win in the first set, and then let their guard down in the second set. Their opponents Anastasia Chervyakova and Kristina Virvich took advantage of that, winning the second set 21-16. Dmytryshyn and Zharka regained their strength and managed to win the third set 21-13.

Milosz Bochat and Pawel Pietryja easily took down their opponents Julien Maio and Matéo Martinez and won 2-0 (21-6, 21-12), thereby keeping a perfect score of victories throughout the Games. They will be returning home as gold medallists.

In the mixed doubles, Julien Maio and Rosy Pancasari took a gold medal after beating Pawel Pietryja and Aneta Wojtzowska 2-0 (21-14, 21-19).

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