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EUSA president Adam Roczek: “These Games can be a benchmark for the future”


News - EUSA president Adam Roczek: “These Games can be a benchmark for the future”

Mr Roczek, as president of EUSA, how are you satisfied with the European Universities Games 2016 and the entire organization?

First of all, the satisfaction of students who are participating in the Games is the most important thing. That is the reason why EUSA decided to entrust Croatia with the organization. We wanted to introduce students with the beauties of Croatia, the capabilities of the Croatian Academic Sports Federation and with some good student sports. We have shown that we can organize the biggest multi-sport event in modern Croatian history and all I can say is that we have met all of our goals.

Can you compare the EUG 2016 with the previous editions of this event? Do you think that it will raise standards for future EUSA games?

It is very hard to compare those events, because Croatia has a much bigger sports program. We have two co-organizing cities and this is only the third edition of the Games. This is the first time we were using university campuses to accommodate athletes at one location, which was not the case at previous games. If I can say, these Games can be a benchmark for the future. The entire organization is spectacular, but I want to point out two things in particular. The first thing is their legacy, because the Games were used as a tool to build the infrastructure for the universities. The second thing is attracting and motivating a large number of volunteers, both students and non-students, who wanted to be part of this event.

Is there something you would like to point out in the organization of the EUG 2016?

One of the things which was done really well was the inclusion of the highest authorities in Croatia and in both hosting cities. The support from the rectors of the universities of Zagreb and Rijeka was very important, along with the support from rectors of other Croatian universities; all this showed that the Games were strongly supported by Croatian institutions at all levels.

What do you think of student sport in Croatia and the role of the EUG 2016 in its future development?

It mostly depends on CASF’s plan, but I would like to point out that we have organized a Rectors’ Conference, where we had built connections between universities and sports organizations. If we take in consideration the fact that more than 30% athletes at the Olympics are students, we can conclude that, as far as athletes are concerned, university sports can be one true path towards the Olympics. The biggest problems on that path are, of course, financial ones, but I hope that will be regulated by law in the future. I personally believe in the capabilities of the Croatian Academic Sports Federation and their vision.

For the end, can you say how do you like Croatia so far?

I am often in Croatia and I like to come here very much. I am a big ambassador of your country and I look forward to every chance to visit Croatia.

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