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Meet the hamster

Part one - Choosing the mascot!

The selection of the mascot is the result of process that began in September 2014. At an open call 64 applications arrived. Nine-member jury selected three finalists that were presented to the public. The second round of the competition offered citizens the opportunity to make a final decision of the EUG 2016 mascot. The creators of hamster mascot are young authors Vedran Rede and Matija Tomsic.

“The concept of our mascot is based on the idea:’It is important to participate’ and cute and small hamster embodies this idea the best. This animal is known for its specific way of having fun – running. Our hamster is not so muscular, but it does not stop him to do sports. The most important thing for him is to socialize, have fun and participate. That makes him a winner regardless of the outcome and that is the motto of the Games. We are proud and happy that our bid gained the most sympathy among the citizens and that our hamster became the official mascot of this great event. “- said the creators of the mascot.


Gallery: All 64 applications for EUG2016 mascot

Part two - Choosing the name

Among 200 proposals of Croatian citizens, 11 of them entered the shortlist where more than 30 famous Croatian athletes voted for their favourites.

The Minister of Science, Education and Sports, Vedran Mornar announced that the name of our hamster mascot is Hrki.


Gallery: how did the famous Croatian athletes vote

Part 3 - Hrki all around!

After completing step 1 and 2 – choosing the looks and the name – our Hrki finally went on route around Croatia following all EUG2016 events and bringing nice mood and happy feelings all around! :)

What next?

What next

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