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Coach of Sheffield climbing team: Atmosphere at the Games is friendly, everyone helps one another


News - Coach of Sheffield climbing team: Atmosphere at the Games is friendly, everyone helps one another

The team from the University of Sheffield can be happy with their results at the competition in sport climbing in Zagreb so far, and the team leader said he liked the city as well.

With four trump cards in the men’s competition and with one great asset among the ladies, the climbing team from the University of Sheffield came to Croatia to achieve a good result and have as much fun as possible while doing it. The competition in sport climbing is held in two halls in the Croatian capital, and Steve Cox, Sheffield team leader, said he really liked the atmosphere in Zagreb, as well as the general atmosphere at the Games.

‘The city is very nice. I took a tour of the center of Zagreb the first evening we came. We arrived on Thursday, the team stayed at the Village the first night while I went for a tour of the city.’ said Cox, who has never been to Zagreb before.

“I liked the lighted cathedral after nightfall, I also saw the stage at the main square and cultural events that took place there,” said the coach of the Sheffield team describing his first visit to the center of Croatia’s capital. He added that he also remembered the big clock at Ban Jelačić Square which had counted down the time till the beginning of the Games.

“The atmosphere at this competition is really friendly, everyone is getting along well and they are helping one another,” Cox pointed out. He is also satisfied with the competition in sport climbing and his team’s results.

Out of the English quintet which had arrived at the climbing competition at the Games, Jennifer Wood displayed the most on the first day, winning a bronze medal in boulder. Wood has been doing sport climbing for eleven years, and she also liked Zagreb.

“The atmosphere is great. I am the only girl in the team and I am having a great time with them,” said the climber from England, adding that she still hadn’t had time to take a tour of Zagreb. Competition and the fight for the medals come first.

‘The competition is pretty fierce. There are a lot of good teams here, there are climbers who are part of their national teams,’ said Wood when asked about the competition.

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