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Dont worry about anything – as a tourist friendly country, travelling to Croatia is definition of not having hassle

Each city plays different and Rijeka for decades plays rock. Thanks to its geographic position, but also to the port and centuries long maritime tradition, Rijeka has always been trendy, regardless of the historical era it was part of or the administration that ruled it.

“You don’t say?” (Šta da?), rock and culture may not be synonymous, but they are emblematic of Rijeka, at least where Croatians and others are concerned. And while you don’t say? is a cute catchphrase devoid of any deeper meaning, rock and culture – which are inextricably linked to multiculturality -are far more serious markers of Rijeka’ s urban identity.

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Restaurant Gardens

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Hemingway bar

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Mystigue club

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Rijeka, Croatia

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Riding the TouRIst bus is an excellent opportunity for the best sightseeing tour of Rijeka and Opatija in 8 different languages: Croatian, Italian, German, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Hungarian.

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Did you know that Rijeka is the European Capital of culture 2020 - "Rijeka, port of diversity"?

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