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Opening Ceremony

The EUG 2016 Opening Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 and will commence at 21.00 with a live TV broadcast by the national TV broadcaster (HRT), with an expected duration of 120 minutes.

All teams participating at EUG 2016 are invited to take part in the march. In order to participate in the march all teams should enter the stadium at its north gate between 18.00 to 18.30 and proceed to the assembly area at the west side of the stadium. There EUG 2016 staff members and volunteers will provide marching pass participants with the necessary information. The participants will subsequently form a marching column. The marching column will consist of column leaders (EUG 2016 volunteers), followed by flag bearers (who are EUG 2016 staff members) are followed by team members. One team member per university is expected to carry their university signs.


Due to the live TV broadcast, limited timing and protocol reasons all march participants are kindly requested to follow their column leaders and walk in a manner which would enable the maintenance of the planned distance between teams. By following this procedure all participating teams would be equally and in a dignified way presented to the spectators at the Stadium and TV audience. In this formation all teams will enter the Stadium and by walking along the athletic track will eventually enter the central field of play. During this walk you are welcome to mimic our dancers or create your own moves. At the central field of play our volunteers will guide the teams to their positions. Upon arrival to their positions team members are expected to keep their position during the ceremony. However, you are free to choose – keep on standing or sit down on the grass. You are welcome to take active part in the Ceremony program by following simple choreography instructions you will be given by our staff members. All march past participants are invited to dress up per team in accordance with their possibilities and imagination (University/NUSA uniforms).

During the Ceremony you are also welcome to use your smart phones and send us messages, photos and video clips with the EUG official hashtag #EUG2016, which will be published on the screen on pyramid built at the stadium field of play.

When the official part of the Opening Ceremony is completed music will be played for some time (30-60 minutes). The After-party will continue at the nearby Roko club.

We hope that you will not just be visitors or observers at this Opening Ceremony but active participants who are having fun and who will keep this event as a one worth remembering. Of course, bottled water will be provided on site.

Please have your accreditation card with you when entering the stadium.


Distribution of tickets for EUG 2016 Opening Ceremony

Tickets for all the spectators’ stand EAST can be obtained free of charge at a cash desk of Mladost Sports Park swimming pool building (across the street from the Stjepan Radić Dormitory) during the working hours of the cash desk (MON-FRI 9.00-19.00, SAT-SUN 10.00-20.00).

EUG 2016 partners and guests will be seated during the Opening Ceremony at the spectators’ stand WEST.

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