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Closing Ceremony

Information for participating teams about EUG 2016 Closing Ceremony

The EUG 2016 Closing Ceremony will take place on Monday, July 25, 2016 and will commence at 21.00 with a live TV broadcast by the national TV broadcaster (HRT), with an expected duration of its official program for about 60 minutes.


All teams participating at EUG 2016 are invited to take part in the march. In order to participate in the march all teams should assemble at the Gat Karoline Riječke latest by 20.00 hours (see: enclosed picture-area marked green). EUG 2016 staff members and volunteers will provide marching pass participants with the necessary information.

The participants will subsequently form unofficial marching column with no need for separation per universities and countries. March will then proceed toward Korzo pedestrian zone where Closing Ceremony will be held. The marching column will consist of column leaders (EUG 2016 volunteers) who are followed by team members.

Due to the live TV broadcast, limited timing and protocol reasons all marching participants are kindly requested to keep up with the marching tempo enabling cohesion of the marching column. When the official part of the Closing Ceremony is completed music will be played for some time (about 60 minutes).

After the great Closing ceremony the only thing that is left is to party! Some of you will celebrate their big success, most of you will regret for going home so soon, but all of you will spend the best & the last night of this Games with old and new competitors on a court.
Social, cultural and party events will be distributed in brochure upon arrival in Accreditation offices.

We hope that you will have fun and a good time during and after the Closing Ceremony as its active participants. Of course, bottled water will be provided on site.

Please have your accreditation card with you when arriving for the Closing Ceremony.

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