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Accommodation Rijeka – Dormitory Ivan Goran Kovačić

Accommodation – General Information

All accredited participants will be accommodated in two places, the Campus area Trsat and Ivan Goran Kovačić dormitory, co-located with the EUG offices, laundry service station, a restaurant on Trsat and a fitness gym located in Ivan Goran Kovačić. Check in will be in 12 p.m. The Campus will only be used for the accommodation and service of the participants of the Games – entry will be restricted to accredited persons only.

With regards to damages, a clear list of items and costs for replacement will be visible in each room. The persons accommodated in said room will be held responsible for the items listed, including the payment of the damages.

Laundry service

Laundry will be collected at the Info point located in the Pavilion 1.  The laundry service will issue a receipt for the laundry and within 24h the laundry could be collected with the same receipt in the same spot.

The exchange of towel and bed linen will be every four days, whilst cleaning will be on daily basis.

Alcohol distribution and smoking regulations

There is a store in close proximity of the village. Alcohol consumption is advised against and participants will bear full responsibility for doing so. Drunk and disorderly behaviour will be sanctioned.

Croatian tobacco regulations ban smoking in enclosed spaces unless properly marked. All of the pavilions, restaurants or other buildings inside the village are so marked for health and hygiene reasons. Smoking is allowed in the open courtyards or the grounds of the Athletes village.

Massage Room

Teams with their own physiotherapist and their personal massage bed can use this room. It functions as first come first served.


In the Athletes’ Village, rooms will be reserved for teams’ medical staff.

Additional Rooms

Meeting room can freely be used for team meetings at all times. There will be no control or scheduling system for the rooms. Computer room with computers will be on disposal. Dormitory will have a TV room open for participants.


The restaurant is located on Campus Trsat and participants will have shuttle buses on regular schedule. Breakfast will be served buffet style in Ivan Goran Kovačić as well. Participants will choose from suggested menus for lunch and dinner. The meals will be prepared and served by the canteen staff who will wear distinctive uniforms determined by the facility.

The entrance to the restaurants will be checked and the number of meals consumed will be monitored by the Athletes’ village staff.

The quality and quantity of food is within the EUSA minimum requirements.

Water will be provided for all within the restaurant, free of charge. Water will be served in pitchers.

This waiting area is roofed, and in case of rain there will be no problems.

The restaurants will be working between 06.00 and 23.00 hours, with pauses between meals due to the staff’s need to prepare for the next meal. As a result, food will be served as follows:

  • Breakfast: 06.00 –00
  • Lunch: 11.30 –00
  • Dinner: 18.00 –00

An additional room will be used for EUSA representatives, VIP guests and referees. They will have a buffet-style served food in this room. The room is air-conditioned.

Lunch packages will be available if requested. Orders will be received by noon on the previous day.

Check-in procedure, check-out procedure

Accommodations for participants will be in the Students’ village “Ivan Goran Kovačić” at the address of Franje Čandeka 4 in Rijeka, Croatia. The village encompasses 3 pavilions.

The accreditation centre is in the pavilion 1. Once you’ve received your accreditation from there, you’ll need to proceed to the appropriate reception to check-in and receive the key to your room. There is one reception in the 1st pavilion. Due to space requirements, officials will be quartered in the pavilions with the athletes.

After the accreditation process, you’ll receive a list of rooms which have been reserved for your group – a list which includes placement of athletes and officials.

Each team will be roomed as a group, alongside teams from their home nation. This may mean that some of you may be quartered with athletes from different Universities from your own country or you may be quartered on your own. That’s two persons per room.

As bathrooms are not attached to individual rooms, but to floors, floors will be reserved either for men or women.

Please keep in mind that the common areas of the pavilions are monitored via CCTV cameras. Try not to do anything inappropriate.

On your day of departure, you’re required to check-out by 11.00 AM. The receptions will work the entire day, 0-24. You can also leave your keys there while you’re away from the dormitories, which is highly recommended. It’s safer and there’s less chance for you to lose them.

Damages and House Rules

You’ll be held liable for any damages caused in the room – we’ll check the rooms after you return the key during check-out.

In addition, the inventory list contains the price for the keys of the room.

As already mentioned, House Rules will be available in each room. There are a few important ones. No larger parties, no alcohol or smoking in the village. Security personnel will be patrolling to make sure you’re safe.


Air conditioning is not available. There are electric outlets, but we advise you against trying to bring a mobile air-conditioning unit into a room even if you have one – the electrical grid might not be able to cope with the demands. It was designed with only a few small items in mind – computers, hair dryers.

Bed linens will be provided and ready when you check into your rooms. In accordance with the rules, they’ll be replaced every 4 days, but if you really need them replaced (like, say, spilling tea over them – perfectly innocent) you can request new ones at the reception.

Soap is available, towels and shower gels will be available in each room.


Food is provided in the restaurant on Campus, with the exception of breakfast which will be for you organized in Ivan Goran Kovačić.

Food selection is diverse. The basic menus are: meat (there will be no pork), fish and vegetarian. Vegan food is not specifically prepared, but you can ask the kind ladies and gentlemen behind to combine specific types of dishes and side-dishes to suit your taste.

You’re limited to three meals per day.

The restaurants will be operating three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can also request lunch packages in case you’ll not be present for lunch but there’s a time-limit on orders. Orders will only be received by 12.00 (noon) on the previous day. You can’t order for the same day.

We are happy to welcome you and we hope you have a wonderful time in Rijeka!

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