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Women’s futsal: Russians and Germans to fight for the gold


News - Women’s futsal: Russians and Germans to fight for the gold

The Moscow State University of Engineering won against the University of Zagreb 5-3 in the semi-final match of the women’s futsal tournament at the European Universities Games Zagreb – Rijeka 2016.

The first half was very tense. The team of the University of Zagreb took the lead with Tomislav Matijević’s goal in the eighth minute. However, the lead didn’t last long. Two minutes later, Tatiana Deripasko equalized the score, and a minute later she scored her second goal, turning the score around and putting the Moscow State University of Engineering ahead. Zinaida Chetvernina increased the Russian lead in the 14th minute and at the end of the first half, the score was 3-1.

The second half was marked by a more active game of the Zagreb team, but the Russian player Elena Merkulova scored an another goal for Moscow, widening the score gap.

Zagreb players finally succeeded in realizing one of their attacks in the 30th minute and reduced the Russian lead. The Russians immediately responded and brought back the score difference of 3 goals with Nataliya Znamenskaya’s goal. However, the girls from Zagreb, wouldn’t give up, scoring another goal for the final score of 5-3.

After the match, the captain of the Zagreb team Tihana Nemčić said:

‘We were expecting a tough game because the Russians are a good team. Even when we were losing, we showed our determination and strong character, and I think that’s most important. I am proud of my team and I am honored to be their captain.’

Aleksandr Pleshakov, the coach of the Moscow State University of Engineering, commented:

‘It was a really tough match; we fought against a high-quality team who deserved to be in the semifinals. Luckily we won and thereby achieved our goal of passing to the finals. Tomorrow, we will fight for the title.’

The second semi-final match was played at Hall of Sports between the University of Munster and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, and the German players advanced to the finals with the 3-1. Solid futsal was played in the first half and neither team had a good chance to score. Although the University of Krakow had higher ball possession and controlled the game, the first half ended without goals.

Further in the game, it seemed that the University of Krakow would continue to control the game, but they were shocked in the 22nd minute as Nina Wendel scored in a fast break; the University of Munster took the lead with 1-0.

After conceding the goal, the Polish constantly attacked and created pressure, but failed to break through the granite defense of the University of Münster. The Polish team could not score a goal; however, they managed to concede one. In the 26th minute, Thea Fullenkamp increased Munster’s lead, and in the 31st minute, Greta Kleine-Kalmer scored another, giving the Poles a mountain to climb.

Krakow only managed to score a consolation goal in the 37th minute; Natalie Sitarz was the scorer. A glimmer of hope emerged for the Polish girls when they were granted a 10-meter penalty kick, but the Germany goalkeeper Kathrin Klimas made a fine save, dashing the hopes of the Polish team.

The German coach Julian Offermann said after the game that he was happy with his team, because they played exactly as he envisioned. When asked about the grand final against the Moscow State University of Engineering, he said:

‘We need a good rest and mentally prepare for that game. I watched them play and they are a very good team, but if we play on the same level as today, we can beat them.’


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