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Introduction of the official song of the EUG: As long as heart believes


News - Introduction of the official song of the EUG: As long as heart believes

The official song of the European Universities Games was introduced last night at the beerhouse Pivnica in Zagreb. The song, entitled “As Long as Heart Believes,” was written by Boris Kovačić, arranged and produced by Nikša Bratoš, and performed by Damir Kedžo. The song’s motivational lyrics gathered a large number of guests to the well-known beerhouse in Ilica Street, including the members of the University of Zagreb’s choir Concordia discors, who had also participated in the recording of the song.

„We are approaching the final month of preparation for the European Universities Games and the introduction of the song is just another in a series of steps aimed at motivating the general public into joining the Games and leaving a mark on Zagreb and Rijeka this summer,” said the president of the European Universities Games Zrinko Čustonja.

The lyrics and the music of the song follow the slogan of the Games “the heart believes, the mind achieves,” promoting the synergy of the heart and the mind as key values of student sports. The song also speaks about the responsibility towards future generations and children; after all, it is the young who will inherit the world.

„The organizers of the Games approached us six months ago so we could together create an song which will serve as a lasting legacy of the Games, and which will be remembered with joy even in thirty years’ time. We had accepted the challenge and sincerely hope that we succeeded and that everyone will be happy with the result. The song promotes the values that we believe are shared by students from all around the globe, especially by those who will come to Croatia during the Games,” said Nikša Bratoš during the songs’s introduction.

The official song of the Games will thus promote the key values of an event which will bring together over 5,000 students-athletes from all over Europe, who will compete in 21 sports from July 12 to 25. The introduction of the song also marked the beginning of a partnership between the European Universities Games and Ožujsko pivo.

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